Quarterly Bundles

About Promotion MonkeyWhat’s the best way to make sure you stay on track with your marketing? Schedule it! Make sure it happens, no matter how busy you are with your consulting.

Our Quarterly Bundles help you keep a fresh supply of marketing materials – in a quantity that makes sense. And they’re always right for the season.


The Advantage of Promotion Monkey’s Quarterly Bundles

Anyone can go on the internet, search for a product, and find 10,000 items to buy. And you can guess which is the best deal, and which is the best company to work with. And you can fiddle with your logo, find out about production schedules, and go through all the details.

Lots of people do it all the time. So can you.

But you’re busy. And you end up NOT doing all that just to get a great promotional item because there’s a steep learning curve. And you don’t know if you’re working with a company you can trust.

The advantage of using Promotion Monkey Quarterly Bundles is that we’ll take the hassles away. We’ll vet the products. We’ll order them with your logo and tagline. If there’s a problem, we’ll take care of it. If it’s the wrong color, wrong size, or your logo’s printed backwards, that’s our problem. We’ll handle it.

Most small companies don’t have good promotional products because:

  • 1) It’s a hassle, and
  • 2) They don’t know who to work with.

Promotion Monkey is part of Small Biz Thoughts, owned by long-time SMB community member Karl Palachuk. That means you’re working with someone who’s been around this community for more than ten years, who has a reputation to maintain, and who won’t let you down.


Regular Promotions Rule!

One of the great weaknesses in marketing is the tendency to stop and start, and to be inconsistent. One of our goals here is to provide you with a regular stream of marketing materials that’s just the right size for your business – at an affordable price.

There’s an old truism that a one-time advertisement is always a waste of money. So many small businesses run an ad once, get no results, and then declare the program a failure. Or they start to mail letters, but just send one letter to their list instead of three letters in short succession. The result is . . . nothing. And when they get no results, they conclude that the advertising didn’t work.

One of the things we can help you with is regular marketing. That means you do something every month, every quarter, all year long.

You might spend $300 (or $500 or whatever) and let the materials pile up in the corner. But we’re betting you won’t. You’ll hand out pens. You’ll wear logo’d shirts. You’ll give gifts to clients and prospects. And that means you’ll have your name in front of your prospects all the time.

Remember: Most people don’t need your services most of the time. How will you make sure they think of you on the day their other I.T. Consultant disappears? With promotional products!


Here’s a typical Quarterly Bundle arrangement:

Spring Bundle

  • Ordered in January
  • Products arrive in February
  • You distribute in February-March-April

Summer Bundle

  • Ordered in April
  • Products arrive in May
  • You distribute in May-June-July

Fall Bundle

  • Ordered in July
  • Products arrive in August
  • You distribute in August-September-October

Holiday Bundle

  • Ordered in October
  • Products arrive in November
  • You distribute in Nov-Dec-January

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