Welcome to Promotion Monkey

The only promotional product site built BY and FOR technology consultants!

Our goal is very simple: To help you promote your business without wasting a lot of money. Most money spent on promotional products is literally thrown away. You know this is true. Just look around your office. How many “great” give-away gifts do you keep, display, or use? One? Two? None?

An Awesome Give-Away

Check out this picture. This is my favorite promotional product of all time: A paperclip holder. There’s nothing particularly amazing about it. It’s plastic. It’s cute (a house). It’s practical. But best of all—It’s more than twenty years old! I picked this up at a show in 1994.

That one little give-away has been on my desk for more than twenty years. THAT’s the kind of promotional products you should be handing out.

As with everything I do, I’m focused on the I.T. industry. Yes, we’ll sell anything to anyone, but that’s not our goal. We don’t want to sell “anything” and we don’t really want to sell to “anyone” who comes along. We want to serve the I.T. industry.

We think we can help VARs and MSPs find new clients and reward your existing clients.

We think we can help vendors in the SMB space to get attention at shows and appeal to VARs and MSPs.

And we’re not a nameless, faceless company on the Internet. I’ve been part of the SMB community for a long time. And you can work with me on your projects – and hold ME accountable to get your order right, on time, and at a good price.

Get Started Right Now

Soon we’ll have some great event-based programs (see the Event Packs tab above).

But for now we’re launching Promotion Monkey with a series of Quarterly Bundles. We’ve defined five categories to get you started. It’s a very simple process:

– Sign up for a bundle package that fits your needs, experience, and mailing list

– We’ll contact you to get your logo, tag line, and related information

– We then order all of your customized promotional items and have them shipped straight to you

Ideally, you’ll use your promotional goodies over the next three months, you’ll enjoy presenting your business with good looking, professional items. And then the next bundle of products will show up. As you right-size your promotional program with your business, you should enjoy a great fit. Some items are for attracting new clients. Some are for rewarding your current clients. All of them are intended to be useful and not just junk that will be thrown away.

Take a look around. Please email us – sales@promotionmonkey.com – if you have any questions or fill out the contact form and let us know how to get a hold of you.

We are always happy to respond to your special requests.

As always, we appreciate your support!

– karlp

Karl W. Palachuk